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    This is just an honest question, I have no interest in starting a war, nor am I passing a judgement. I went through withdrawal etc myself so I am not an outsider looking in…

    using Valerian to sleep, calm etc…I choose not to because it is another drug, albeit somewhat less physically addicting but not without consequences. I have several times here seen people suggest that people use a ‘natural’ substitute. Many drugs ARE natural, but they are still drugs.

    I’m not sure what the happy medium is here, because of course there are appropriate uses of drugs, even in an addict’s life. I guess that I do not trust my judgement in this area and would seek the help of a fully informed and experienced dr..if one could be found, before I began to substitute even herbal remedies in areas that were perilously close to recreational drug use…ie, pain, sleep, tranquilizers, uppers.

    I know I am shaky in my judgement and susceptibility when it comes to those areas, and could pretty easily kid myself, or trigger myself into hard core using…justifying it with the ‘it’s natural’ line.

    But I also realize that finding a dr who has experience with recovering addicts, and is informed and sensitive to the issues isn’t always possible or affordable.

    it’s a tricky situation.

    I’ve read up on a lot of herbal remedies and Valerian and Kava kava can be habit forming…so be careful


    may God bless u on this journey. it would be hard because im also on the same journey.

Viewing 2 posts - 7 through 8 (of 8 total)

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