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    No one is going to laugh at you. People say that pot isn’t addictive…and that might be true from a physical point of view. However, you are addicted to the high. That’s hard to put down. Very hard.

    You need a better support system. You aren’t going to get well if your husband continues to mock and humiliate you. Stay on these boards…you will get a lot of good advice.

    What I want to tell you is PLEASE don’t start taking Oxy’s. You are setting yourself up for disaster. Don’t substitue one high for another. And if you think that pot cost you a lot financially and emotionally, I don’t even want to tell you what getting addicted to a substance like Oxycontin/codone is going to do to you. I am three weeks off of that crap after a year long habit. It ruined my life. I was the worst mother. My grandaughter was born during that time and I barely noticed. I lost my nursing license. It was a disaster. You are already suffering enough. Don’t punish yourself any longer. You deserve to be treated well and humanely as you go through this process.

    I’m not laughing. You have an addiction. It’s serious.

    Your in NYC. You are fortunate. There are tons of meetings for NA in Manhattan…one to fit every schedule. Please pick up the phone and call. Your addiction is no less than someone elses just because its “only pot”. You will get a lot of support there…and it sounds like you could desperately use some.



    Someday soon can be today, if you want it to be. I can really feel your pain and desparation in your post. Recognizaing your pot addiction doesn’t make less worthy addict, or less worthy of asking for and getting help.

    Addiction in NA doesn’t have to do with the type of drug you use or how much you use of it. Any substance that changes the way you feel, is considered a drug in NA and if you want to stop being a slave to your drug and stop using you can be a memeber. That’s all.

    I got to a point where I needed to stop thinking of what others would say and think about me (weak, useless) and I needed to think about myself. The shame I felt was a big obstacle in me getting help. But I didn’t want to be dead or dead while alive anymore. So I got myself some help, not tomorrow but today.

    I wish you the best.



    It really does not matter what drug you are doing. If it has made your life unmanegable and you are powerless over it, then ya you have a problem. Surrender. Keep it simple. I know with out NA I am completly powerless over my addiction. I went through a treatment centre with other addicts who were there for pot. Evil stuff. However there is a solution, it you “want” it.

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