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    Family is important. I have no family support either.



    let them laugh. if it is causing you pain, then it is a problem for you. yes, for many people weed is not a big deal. but that doesn’t mean it isn’t for you. for example, i like to have a cigarette every once in a while just to relax and i dont feel the need to keep smoking. but some people are hopelessley addicted and cannot quit. i have issues with pills and for the longest time i thought i’m not a “real” addict – i’m not all strung out and non-functional so maybe i dont need help. so i totally get what you’re saying about feeling silly. but that’s not true. you are clearly suffering, and you deserve help and support. please continue talking through your feelings on here. no matter how silly you feel, you are not alone. you have come to the right place. dont give up.


    Pot is a drug i to have a teenage daughter that im powerless over and the choices she makes i just know i have to look after ME at the moment and by doing that i can show her a clean life and when she learns that the life ive showen her in the past does not work!!! She is learning today a CLEAN LIFE IS PEACE AND HAPPYNESS and one day she will change however im powerless be there for our babys thay need us how ever if it brings you down step away and pray some times us addicts have to relly hit rock button to change and CHANGE is scary:amen:Hold on to HOPE FAITH & BELEIVE

Viewing 3 posts - 7 through 9 (of 18 total)

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