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    I have smoked pot for 15 years. I use to make fun of my friends who couldn’t even go to a movie unless they were stoned. It didn’t take long before I didn’t want to do anything unless I was high. Of course once I got high I usually didn’t want to do anything either. Switching to oxy will only make your life more hellish. I started with pot and now I shoot drugs.
    Don’t give up find the help you need. Your addiction isn’t going to go away by its self.



    Laugh at you, I think not, any thing in our lives that are causing negative consequences, shame or pain, not funny! I would whole heartedly suggest finding a meeting asap, or if no NA hte sister group AA will work in a pinch, I do both, for me a meeting is a meeting is a meeting and like minded souls, recovery is recovery and the first step for me was to find someone who was not as unfamiliar with programs and I asked them to pick me up and let me hang wioth them til I could manage to get out of my selfdestructive rut and venture out into the world, extend the hand, someone will grab it… Hope that helps a little, you are NOT ALONE!!! We are all in this together….



    Go to a meeting, many meetings, family is waiting there, they’ll love ya till you can do it yourself!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 10 through 12 (of 18 total)

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