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    go to a meeting, get some assistance. I had to leave my exagf because she smoked with her family and it left little time for me or our relationhsip. She used to be an active women but overtime became less and less motivated. She also told me it was just weed. We watched “intervention” and she cried because she said “my family is too messed up up and into their own problems to ever help me”. Sounds maybe like what you have? I would have supported my ex if she just took a step to actually get help and follow thru with it. You owe it too yourself, and your kids will benifit too. My ex used to say that all the time that she was misserable on the inside. The only one that can change it is you. Please do that for yourself…life can be good.



    No one here would ever laugh at you! Never, ever. *huge hugs* I am 21 and although I know that a lot of people can managa pot without becoming addicted, I know people who are definitely addicted and to the point where it does effect their lives. My dad is addicted to pot, luckily it doesn’t effect his jobo r anything. As a kid though, pot was part of the reason my parents drifted apart and are now divorced, pot was the reason my dad didn’t usually want to go out on family outings, etc I HATED that my dad used pot, it made me feel unsafe and insecure as a child because I did not understand, all I knew was it was a drug, and that school told me drugs were bad (and my brother was causing my family grief and lost his kids over drugs) and so I didn’t understand anything except that my dad was using a drug. I HATED and resented my dad for smoking pot. I would never laugh at you, I know pot can be a such a serious problem. I definitely think you should take the others advice. I have a problem with ritalin and sometimes I feel dumb too, or like my addiction doesn’t compare because I’m not out on the streets but addiction is addiction, the drug, no matter what your DOC is, is just the symptom of the disease. Everything will be okay, the fact that you know and admit and fully take responsibility for this shows that you really are ready to get things in order, so just stay strong and keep doing what you are doing, going to NA and etc. Get some supportive friends to help you through this and we will always be here on this forum too. You can send me a PM ANYTIME!! Much love! Stay strong!



    Hi, every drug count. There is so many friends of mine that is addicted to pot. I think the most important thing is that you admitted to this addiction and you know what you lost and if you continue to do this you are going to loose even more. Try and get to a meeting and see if it is working for you. Talk to someone you can trust or even your priest. I invited my ffriendws to my meetings and surprisingly they enjoyed it. And today we have our own discussins about our addiction. The people at work try and stay away from those who are still doing it and try making new friends. I have lost everything once. And when I finally decided I had enough I stopped. Everyone is not the same but we all need that support from Na meetings friends and family. I hope everything works out for you and I will pray for you!

Viewing 3 posts - 13 through 15 (of 18 total)

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