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    I have been battling alcohol since I was 14. I am now 36. I have been sober 10 days and a month before that before slipping up one night at a bike rally. I am going through a divorce because of my drinking, I am really going through a rough time because I truely love my wife, BUT I have developed a true understanding of why she had to leave. I have given it all to GOD, I pray everyday and desperately want to continue to be sober and live a good, healthy life based in faith and be strong in that faith for GOD. I am in counseling and I battle this addiction everyday. I have hope and faith, and I pray to reconcile with my wife ONLY if she can see I am sober. Any help is greatly appreciated. I know that there are many great success stories here, and I think that is what I need, a good ministry to maintain and be successful. I have been told by my pastor that this journey is for me, and I see that and understand that, but is it wrong to have faith that my wife will see me as a better man and come back, even after all the destruction my drinking has caused?? I know GOD has a plan, it is tough sometimes to see that, BUT I TRY.



    Hi Miller, I have two weeks sober and I do wish the best for you. The hardest part for me wa admitting to myself that I had a drinking problem. I was drinking every night from the time I got home from work until I went to bed. Woke up thinking about drinking and couldnt wait to get off work so that I could stop and buy me something to drink. Now, I know that I cannot drink on any level socially or conveniently. You see, I dont want to drink anymore. Mylife is so much better and yes I have made my marriage complicated but my husband is still with me and if I can help it, I will do whatever it takes to keep him. He didnt think that I had a problem but I knew that I did. Anytime you drink everyday, never allow your stash to run out, neglect your kids and family and everything else you enjoy, you have a problem. If it is meant for your wife to come back and you are sincere about wanting her back, it will happen. I wish you the best of luck in life and in love. Take care and talk with you soon.



    Good luck to the both of you.

    It isn’t wrong to hope she’ll back dude. It’s risky to be motivated by the expectation that she will come back just because you’re now getting sober. But if the hope and dream, that she will, gets you through – do it. Maybe there’s a chance , maybe not – we’re pretty sure of one thing; if you don’t get and stay sober there’s no chance – right ?

    I hope you get what you need.

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