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Newly sober

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    Dear Miller

    Thanks for posting and well done on nearly 40 days sober. I am sorry to hear about your confusion and pain. You are being brave to acknowledge the impact that your drinking had on your marriage and I am pleased to hear you are reaching out for help to God and discussing things with your pastor.

    You say you don’t know God’s plan. Are you sure? Don’t you think God wants you to be happy and sober? Bear in mind that it’s hard to see God’s plan most of the time. It’s particularly hard when we’re emerging from 22 years of drinking and our minds are fogged by the intense emotions associated with divorce.

    What plan do you now have for recovery? Are you planning to go to AA and talk to other alcoholics? What changes are you planning to make?

    Remember, sobriety is God’s gift to all of us who choose it. It is available to us all and does not depend on our age or the state of our marriage.



    Thank you all for your support. I do have a great hope that reconciliation will happen in my marriage. I dont know because there was a lot of hurt that my addiction caused her. I think that GODS plan is for me to be sober and find that his will is the only way to be successful in life. I think the stuggle I have (along with alcohol) is that I lost my family, a good woman and her love. I feel guilty, I am moving forward step by step and inch by inch, it is very difficult. But I do see the rewards at the end, and they are great. I guess the problem I am dealing with is that even though I am sober and fighting for that, and becoming a man for GOD I am not sure the damage I caused her can be repaired. I pray for it everyday. HIS WILL, NOT MINE!!



    @enlesspatience I have been attending AA and counseling with my pastor once a week. It has helped me a lot.

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