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Not to be rushed into

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    I did my step 9 after coming out of treatment. I had done alot of work on the steps over my 90 days and felt that I could not move on with some people in my life until I apologised for the awful things that I had done.

    One amends that I was scared to make was to an ex and I knew that he would probably not accept it or even want to hear from me, so being quite anxious about doing it the next day I went to bed early to read the Big Book. I found in there a piece of wisdom that gave me the confidence to face this and any other people that I needed to make an amends to.

    *as God’s children we stand on our feet,we crawl before no man *
    It helps me remember that if I could fully right my wrongs I would and if others dont want to accept my apology then that is their issue not mine :tyou



    yeh, I can’t control the outcome.
    However, I’ve never had an amend produce negative results.
    Every single one was powerfull and extremely productive.

    One thing that happens a lot is people almost seem to finish sentences for me during amends, they already know the truth that I hid from myself.
    I know I’m on the right track because they tell me I am and encourage me to keep going in this direction. Its an amazing experience.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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