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    :dance:Hello everyone. I have almost 60 days of sobriety. I didn’t think I would ever be able to quit drinking after having done so for 43 years ( or so). Reading the comments on this website got me to quit! Thanks for all of your wisdom and experience. I began attenting aa a few times a week. (I work 12-13 hours shifts, and rarely can attend meetings on work days). It has helped.
    :egg9:So now we come to staying sober, and learning how to live that way. I have so much “baggage”. Good for all of you who quit drinking earlier in your lives! I need to get a sponsor and work through the steps. I’d like some thoughts on sponsorship. How and where did you choose a sponsor, did it work out for you? I have been approached by a few women who wanted to sponsor me. I did not feel comfortable commiting to a sponsor 30 yrs younger than me. How do I trust in a stranger?:c017:



    The sponsor isn’t going to necessarily help you…..don’t get me wrong, they help you….. but it’s God working THROUGH them that helps you. A good sponsor will already know that. And on that basis, I don’t think God really cares which of His kids he uses as the channel to get to you. 🙂

    Truth be told though, about the best and easiest way to find one is to hit meetings……and lots of em…….and different meetings…….and follow the ppl you “like” or “respect” or seem to have this sobriety thing well in hand. Maybe you’ll get lucky and find someone right away….but maybe it’ll take some time.

    I’ll tell ya this though…..if there are ppl OFFERING to help you, they’re your best bet. There are, like anywhere in life, plenty of ppl who are just there to be there. They’re not really “working” the program. Those that are though, they understand the importance to them of having sponsees and they know the importance a sponsor is to someone new.

    If it helps you any, my great-grand sponsor is 86 and has 52 years of sobriety in AA. HIS current sponsor is considerably younger…..and has considerably less time in the program than 52 years!

    Have they had a spiritual awakening? Have they done so by working the program of Alcoholics Anonymous (or are they working “their version” of the program – not someone I’d recommend as a sponsor)? Are they willing and able to sponsor someone new? Will they commit to taking you through ALL 12 steps? ……and finally……. Are they happy? Let’s face it…..I didn’t quit drinking to be miserable. I don’t want to learn from and mirror someone who’s anything less than “recovered” and happy. 🙂




    Here is a link to the official AA guideline on Sponsorship

    Alcoholics Anonymous : Pamphlets

    Many meetings also have them on the free literature rack.

    I ask my sponsees to get a copy then we sit down ,,read
    it together so we both know what to expect….:yup:

    Good to know you are here

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