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    I never really could make it 6 days. I always made promises in the morning and by the afternoon I was well on my way again.

    When I hit my bottom I was convienced that I could no longer drink. I started going to AA and coming here for support. I have fought off all cravings by following the program and changing my lifestyle.



    Sometimes that little voice creeps into my head saying “it’s OK you can have a drink or two” at that point I remind myself about my detox, then I look at my kids and quickly come to my senses. That little voice is trying to kill me, now that I’ve realized that I can better handle any temptations from alcohol.



    In early sobriety….I kept a list of how horrid my de tox symptoms were.
    When tempted to ‘have just one’ I read that and got back to sober thinking

    i began a journal…first page had all the problems I had from drinking
    2nd page were the reasons I wanted to improve my life.

    I wrote down all sorts of feelings and events…and it was easy to see what needed to be worked on…:yup:

    I also went to a daily AA meeting to learn how to enjoy my new lifestyle as a non drinker…:)

Viewing 3 posts - 4 through 6 (of 39 total)

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