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    It took me six months to get to Step 1. It is hard for someone who has been able to solve everything themselves in the past to say that they are “powerless” over anything. This is the concept of “surrender” that we are all taught is wrong.

    I had to ask myself: “How is my approach working?”

    It wasn’t. Finally, I just decided to let go – and Wow … the great results.

    Today, I still feel that I have power over things that I should have some power over, but I have learned how to give up control for things that I have no business trying to control. (I let my higher power worry about them.)

    This lowers my anxiety and allows me to be much more functional in high stress situations. So for me, surrender = higher performance. Who knew?!?



    For me it´s also both a powerlessness in the sense that I can´t achieve sobriety without help. I am not enough. And despite the fact that I have surrendered and now longer argue whether or not I can drink, I still am in great need of support in order not be pulled back. It took a while for me to realize how little power I actually had.

    And definitely a powerlessness after pick up the first drink in a (I think biologically determined) must to keep drinking.



    If i was purely powerless once booze hit my gut…….then the problem would be easy to sort ……just dont drink.

    And “just dont drink”….i tried for countless years………i believed if i had the moral fibre and strength that other drinkers have… manage it.
    i pursued this theory creating a whirlwind of pain and hurt to others along the way.

    I had moments of sobriety….sometimes days…….even a couple of months.
    but the outcome was always the same and drinking was the only option i had.

    So how come if i had moments of sobriety…..i still drank….

    I drank because life became so unbearable it was a realistic option.
    plagued by thoughts of control drinking….my mind was consumed with the idea of beating it.
    Morose and depressed ……life had no meaning…….dangerously unpredictable…….and a real pain in the backside to be around.

    It was a gun to my head or a drink…….plain as that…..

    So if i drank it the outcome was inevitable and if i didnt drink it the out come was inevitable….misery.
    powerless before i drank it and powerless when i did…….cornered .

    That stark truth opens my mind a little to concept of something with the power to do it for me……

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