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    My thought on this has always been that I am powerless over alcohol after I take the first drink. I have been sober for 17 years thanks to God and AA. I only get to a meeting about a couple times a month because my life is so full and rich but I still like like to keep in touch with AA.

    I believe that once we get sober and get some sanity back in our lives that we most certainly do have the power to choose to drink or not.

    The first step states that “we admitted that we *were* powerless over alcohol” “Were” as in past tense as in when we were drinking.

    I know in my heart of hearts that if I take one drink I will not stop and will continue to get drunk with bad consequences.

    This is why I choose to not drink one day at a time. The mental obsession to drink has been lifted.

    Works for me and many others. Sobriety is a gift.

    Thanks for letting me share.



    You’re in the right ballpark. The powerlessness talked about in the first step is the loss of both choice and control. What you describe below is the loss of control.@EmptySoul 2689724 wrote:

    I am powerless over alcohol only when I have had that first glass of wine or bottle of beer, but I am not powerless if I don’t take that first drink.

    If that’s the only problem then chances are this AA thing isn’t for you. Just don’t drink and you’ll probably be OK.

    The loss of choice though makes it much more complicated. Time after time, despite mountains of evidence that I shouldn’t I returned to the drink, A fierce determination that I wouldn’t drink, but eventually I would. I could go for a while, a few weeks maybe even a month or two, but time and time again I would return to the drink and the terrible cycle would start all over again. Quitting was easy, I did it a million times, staying quit though took more than I could do on my own.



    Had to reach a bottom, and through that came my choice: Do I go back to what I was or, do I change? Do I admit to myself I am powerless over alcohol/drugs (since, at that moment, my denial system ceased to function and I could be honest within my whole
    being)? Or, do go further and admit that I not only had a drinking/drug problem but a living problem as well? Do I just surrender as an addict/alcoholic or surrender to life. I did not know how to live in a sober way (the alcohol/drugs were a symptom). I did everything to excess (not a good thing). When I let go and do what is in front of me to be done, it goes well. When I don’t listen to my inner voice and rest/stop/pause when it says, it gets bad, in a hurry! I can see it as an ebb and flow through the day.

    Yes, I’m powerless over drugs and alcohol, I am powerless over my drive to accomplish things at any cost, I’m powerless over impulse….. There is part of me that does not want to stop until the job is done, until it is perfect, until it’s…… I have to learn to let go/surrender many times a day. From there it goes well. That has been my experience thus far. I have seen, however, the more I do it, the easier it becomes!

    Keep at it. It will reveal more as you go along……

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