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Powerless … or not?

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    step1, this is a problem statement “im powerless over Alcohol” i have no effective control, its a 2 fold problem of mind and body, the mental obsession convinces me its ok to drink (insanity) and once inside me the “phisical allergy” or the phenomenon of craving (which normal folk dont get) wants more and more which all ends up in a spree…….this occurs pretty much every time i drink which is obvious “im powerless over Alcohol” the answer is not to drink?

    How do we do this……..is to find the POWER to overrun powerlessness……so step2 is “come to believe in a POWER greater than us could restore us to sanity”

    so step1 is a problem statement=powerless….no effective control after the first drink
    step2 is to find that POWER……..that returns sanity to not take the first drink

    these steps are worked in other addictions…….Keith



    I, too, suffer from both alcoholism and an eating disorder, and for a long time after I got sober, I still clung to the eating disorder, so I had not completely surrendered. I know deep in my heart that I am powerless–I just proved that during a recent nine-month relapse–and not just over alcohol.I am powerless over dieting (starving) and I am a total control freak, but I am learning to let go and focus my energies on the Serenity Prayer. Also, it’s about being honest with self, and we become powerful by giving up that power (surrendering) to a power greater than self–and you don’t have to call it “GOD,” just a God of your understanding. I hope this makes some sense.

Viewing 3 posts - 10 through 12 (of 22 total)

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