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    Step 1 for me says that the God i used to believe in ( me ) is a false deity. I am powerless over alcohol simply means that I am guaranteed to drink. I have to get past the recurring nightmare of failing to quit booze by relying on myself. the insanity is that even though i failed to quit a thousand times, i still thought that tomorrow will be the day i quit using the same method ( self will )that had already failed a thousand times. I basically had to stop believing the lie i was telling myself.



    @EmptySoul 2689724 wrote:

    But I have difficulty embracing the idea that I am powerless over substances. I am powerless over alcohol only when I have had that first glass of wine or bottle of beer, but I am not powerless if I don’t take that first drink. I feel more like I’m surrendering my power to alcohol when I take that first drink. I am viewing Step 1 more as refusing to surrender that power any longer.

    In my opinion that is what the “powerlessness” is referring to. We only have the choice of whether we take that first drink. Once we take that drink all bets are off, the allergy of cravings set in. Again this is only my opinion. In a sense we are powerless over alcohol and thats why we don’t take that first drink. I know that I am and that’s why I don’t take that first drink.



    We have lost the power of choice in drinking alcohol. I cant simply choose to not take a drink, be it the first or tenth. Doing the twelve steps doesnt give me the power of choice. Step one is the only step we practice one hundred percent and it is not reversible. ‘recoil as if from a hot flame…….could not drink even if he would.’ I will remain forever powerless over alcohol so i must rely on a power greater than myself. My CHOICES are, practice the principles and be unable to drink or stop practicing.

Viewing 3 posts - 13 through 15 (of 22 total)

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