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    Alcoholism is progressive. So is loss of control. For me the important thing about this step is admitting that I’m an alcoholic, and that for alcoholics drinking is stupid and painful but sometimes we want to do it anyway. At least initially, it’s the way we know how to cope, even though it doesn’t work.

    If at all possible, we need to close the door on that chapter of our history and deal with the repercussions so we can feel good without having to feel worse down the line.



    @johndelko408 2779070 wrote:

    In my opinion that is what the “powerlessness” is referring to. We only have the choice of whether we take that first drink.

    That’s a fine opinion to have, but it is contrary to the AA program of recovery. If that’s been your experience, then it’s all good and well.

    It is not, however, the experience of the recovered alcoholics who authored the BB. It is not my personal experience either. My experience is after being without a drink for a number of weeks or months, life would start sucking. I would get to a place mentally and emotionally where a drink made sense. Or, at other times, I would pick up a drink for no particularly bad reason. Life seemed fine and I seemed fine.

    The mental obsession, brought on by a spiritual malady, is what the BB is talking about when it uses the word powerless. The only solution is a spiritual transformation.



    My sponsor just asked me what powerless meant. I said I think it means lack of power to resist the drink.

    The sanity/insanity…sound reasoning parallel with insane idea of a drink and drink wins.

    I was told to go read Bill’s story, and step one in the Big Book.

    I was told that powerless is the obsession and life is unmanageable drunk or sober.

    Right on Keith.

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