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    New thoughts…

    Powerless : No power, No God. Godless.

    Powerless over alcohol : No power to resist the drink…the first one. No God for source of power against drink.

    Who has the power? God. How do we get to God? The steps. Then we have power.

    “Lack of power, that was our dilemma.” We Agnostics.

    Big Book quote from the first edition of Alcoholics Anonymous.



    @veritas1 2781362 wrote:

    My sponsor just asked me what powerless meant. I said I think it means lack of power to resist the drink.

    The sanity/insanity…sound reasoning parallel with insane idea of a drink and drink wins.

    I was told to go read Bill’s story, and step one in the Big Book.

    I was told that powerless is the obsession and life is unmanageable drunk or sober.

    Right on Keith.

    I wish to disregard these thoughts! I spoke with someone that helped me to see that the statements I made may not be correct.

    I was told powerless is no power.

    The obsession is a result of having no power.

    Like what makes one an alcoholic? No power…

    Not, “Well when I drink, I can’t control how much I will drink”.

    That is a result of being and alcoholic, powerless, but not why one is an alcoholic.

    “We conceded to our innermost selves that we were alcoholic.”

    What makes you an alcoholic?

    I was asked two questions yesterday. The one above, and What is powerless? I fumbled around, and was told, I don’t even have step one.

    And anyone that relapses never had step one. They never fully conceded.

    So much to work on.

    AABB First Edition quotes



    I understand alcoholism as: if when drinking, I have little control over the amount I drink or if when I really want to stop, I cannot stop entirely. That is how the Big Book defines alcoholism.

    I understand powerlessness as a combination of allergy (physical allergy/ craving) and obsession (mental insanity when it comes to alcohol). I can’t drink because of the allergy and I can’t stop because of the obsession.

    Control is lost because of the physical allergy. Choice is lost because of the mental obsession. SusanLauren

Viewing 3 posts - 19 through 21 (of 22 total)

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