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    This is a great thread and very helpful.

    I live in the Atlanta (GA) area now, but I’ve got many amends to do in Richmond, VA. B/c I’m on probation, I’ve been unable to fly to VA to make amends and will be unable to do so for a while.

    So, I’ve slowly started to call on those who I felt a phone call was enough. So far, the phone calls have been sufficient and well received.

    …but my major ones to my ex girlfriends and to my employers, I feel I should fly out there to make amends, so I’m holding off on those right now.

    However, before flying out there, it makes sense to me to contact them first and ask their permission to see them, face-to-face. They may not want amends and they may not want amends face-to-face.

    I also want to agree that it’s not just me saying I’m sorry. It’s important I ask them “did I leave anything out”? and “what can I do to make this right”? I then must be prepared to actually do the work and pay the money. Another reason to make sure I’m doing this at the right time, when I’m actually able to amend my wrong and all that comes with it.

    Each amend is unique. Each amend may need special handling. Thank God I have a good sponsor who can direct me before I reach out to these people.


Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)

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