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    Step Twelve ~ Part 2: Questions

    “Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to alcoholics and to practice these principles in all our affairs.”

    Some thoughts for consideration:

    1. Step 12 talks about “the message.” What do you think the message is?

    2. Were you 12th Stepped? How did you respond?

    3. Have you tried to 12th Step someone? What was your experience?

    4. How do you “carry the message?”

    1. Step 12 talks about “the message.” What do you think the message is?
    The Big Book states clearly see to it your relationship with him (God)is right and great events will come to past for you and others – It must be God

    2. Were you 12th Stepped? How did you respond?
    I was brought to the doors of A.A. and dropped off responded well sober 30 years from that day forward read the Big Book and joined the rest was freely given.

    3. Have you tried to 12th Step someone? What was your experience?
    Unconditionally introduced many to the doors of A.A. most stayed some got run off.

    4. How do you “carry the message?
    Out of the love of God rather than the tolerance of people with the understanding of my past that if one is not governed by God they will have to be ruled by others and SHARPLY distinguishing between principles and personalities – so far the personalities are ahead but sooner or later principles will catch up weather celebrated on a chocolate covered cake or a tomb stone sobriety is coming so I learn not to take things so serious
    I learned to let Go and let God for he does the real work I just watch, we are examples good or bad
    When it comes to alcoholism it does not matter who is right or who is wrong it’s about who is left.

    Amending the past in the present can only be done by the one who was there and only but for the grace of God – can we see it.



    I’ve had a few spiritual awakenings. For me, a spiritual awakening means waking up to the realm of the spirit. The realm of the spirit means the spirit within me, my God-given conscience, the spirit within others, and the spirit of God.

    My first awakening was “Wow! There really is a God!!”. That happened early in recovery, because something greater than me was and must have been keeping me sober even when I had every intention and desire to drink.

    There was another powerful awakening after Step 5. The 12 & 12 promises this, a coming into oneness with God and man.

    Unfortunately that awakening was taken away by a breakdown that lasted six months. But after six months it turned from a breakdown to a break-through when I finally surrendered to God without reservation. That was my most powerful awakening, a place of total and utter surrender.

    I can and do sometimes go into a spiritual sleep, the opposite of a spiritual awakening. That happened to me very recently. Such periods are always followed by surrender, a return to peace and a greater awakening.

    My own thinking on this is that I will awaken and awaken all through my sober life, each awakening bringing me closer and closer to God. The mechanism by which this works in my life is nearly always through pain.

    Pain -> Suffering -> Humility -> Surrender -> Spiritual Awakening.

    The 12 & 12 puts it like this in Step 8: “In every case, pain had been the price of admission into a new life. But this admission price had purchased more than we expected. It brought a measure of humility…”

    Carrying the message: For me this is the message that was carried to Bill by his friend, and carried by Bill to Dr. Bob. It’s the message of a spiritual solution, which is now expressed in the 12 steps.

    I carry the message by how I try to live today (program of attraction), by sharing my ESH at meetings, by doing service, helping a newcomer, sponsoring others and by writing this. The message I try to carry is contained conveniently in the 12 steps; find God (is he lost?), clean house, love others!



    Ooops! That quote is actually from Step 7, not step 8. Sorry, I’m not long out of bed and haven’t even had a physical awakening yet!

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