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    I’ve been lurking for months, but I’m now brave enough to ask a question! When I quit, a little over six months ago, I still really liked drinking. I was not desperate to quit and hadn’t experienced many of the “yets” yet, if you know what I mean. That said, it had been pretty clear to me for a very long time that drinking meant waaaay too much to me. It was only through an iron-fisted death-grip of control that I kept myself (most of the time) from drinking as much as I really wanted to. And thoughts of when I would be able to drink again were pretty much always with me.

    Without going into the details now, I did decide to quit and have been sincerely working my AA program. But I continue to be troubled by the fact that I lacked a certain amount of desperation. And I find myself confused about the impression I have that desperation seems to play an important role in a healthy sobriety.

    Thoughts? Thank you!



    Perhaps ask yourself….why was drinking important in your life? Have you felt better during this 6 months?

    My decision to quit had nothing to do with external circumstances
    it was all about my mental state I was desperate to end my diagnosed situational depression.
    God ..AA recovery and living in the Steps have worked for me for many years…:yup:




    Hi DK-

    I had tons of consequences in short order. Once the blackout started, I was fired, broken up with, moved to another state, then racked up two duis with two totalled cars.

    …and guess what? I still wanted to drink. I never really wanted to quit, I always, deep down, still wanted to figure out how to control my drinking.

    …but I was scared to death about what was happening to me, so I went full speed ahead in AA and darn it, before I knew it, the obession was lifted and I was working the steps.

    Fast forward to today, 18 months sober, and cleaning up the wreckage from my past and enjoying life w/out alcohol.

    It’s amazing!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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