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ready for step 5

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    Speaking from my own experience it was by going through Step 5 (which was reading through my Step 4 inventory) with my sponsor that gave me that clarity and peace of mind. Yes, in this case I know you will seeing a chaplain which is ok too, but I know it was my sponsor that was able to help point out my patterns and get me to see where I kept repeating the same mistakes in my past. This I was able to grasp ahold of early on after we had just been reading through the beginning of my inventory, which made the rest of it seem to go faster. She had to fully go over/explain things at first though, but once I did understand it–then it all seemed to make perfect sense (finally). 🙂 Yes, for me the freedom came after step 5 cause it was at that point where I had brought all those “hidden” things into the Light.



    I saw everything in step 4.
    I spilled it in step 5.
    A decent wsponsor did show me more in step 5 but I really saw what had been running my life and why in step 4.
    I had a lot of help with step 4 too.

Viewing 2 posts - 4 through 5 (of 5 total)

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