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Ready to Buckle Down

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    Ok. I’m ready. Step Four.

    I’ve lingered in Steps One, Two and Three for quite a long time now. I wanted to fully and totally absorb, understand, internalize, and personalize those first three steps. I must be slow because it seems that it tooks a very very long time for me to really digest and accept those first three steps and make them a part of my daily existence. But now…..I feel ready.

    I’ve been putting my toe in the water of Step Four for quite a while too. And I have already begun in a fairly casual manner. Recognizing a behavior that I need to change and working on myself to change it. And there has been some obvious improvements in my way of thinking, in the way I carry myself, in the way I interact with others…..but I have a long way to go. It’s progress though…..not perfection, right?

    Although I know it would be much better to have a sponsor, there are none in my Naranon Family Group. I may need to branch out and find a “secondary” Alanon Group. Time is a limiting factor for me though and I feel guilt leaving my dear husband (who is not an addict or alcholic) at home alone while I do my self exploration.

    Step Four…………I’m ready.

    Now for my question……with all that technology has to offer these days, has anyone explored the possibility of being or getting a sponsor via the internet? With Skype, email, chat and all of those things available now, it could even be f2f from 2000 miles away. When my husband was in another country for six months, we Skyped every morning. It helped me feel like he was still here with me daily. I could see his face, his expressions, as well as hear his voice. I missed his smell……but I doubt I’d get that close to my sponsor anyway….lol.

    Any thoughts?



    I know of several people on this site who use far away “posters” as sponsors by pm-ing

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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