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Relearning life

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    @erikm02 2992746 wrote:

    I’m agnostic as well so higher power doesn’t do it for me…. 🙁

    How does this fact, in any way, prohibit you from taking the 12 Steps and having a spiritual awakening?

    Remember, about 1/2 the original AA members were agnostic or atheist. They even wrote a chapter to address your concerns.

    I came to AA as a staunch atheist who thought the idea of a higher power was a crutch for weak minded people. But there I was, hopeless and beaten down and unable to stay sober. I saw that this AA thing really worked for others, and I was convinced that I could not go on without their help.



    @Erikm02…. Findind your own higher power and letting go to realize you are not in control is the way to be free. Whether you believe in God, or whatever its about realizing that YOU CANNOT CONTROL YOUR ADDICTION!!!! Like keithj said he went in thinking it was a crutch, but he knew he was broken and beaten. Erik I am glad you are here, but like I was told if its a struggle you have to attend AA several times a week, go to counseling and realize that this can be beat if you are willing to take the steps to do it! You are not alone. I drank for 22 years, lost my wife, jobs and friends. Trust me now is the time. Dont lose it all. Because if you do the stuggle becomes harder. YOU CAN DO IT. Find the faith and hope within yourself and attend meetings. They work. Just read the success stories on this website, where people ar now compared to where they were. Bless you and all you do.

Viewing 2 posts - 4 through 5 (of 5 total)

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