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    I love how the second step is worded Came to believe…..

    It means i didnt have to come to AA and believe right away which in my own story actually happened. If you have read my post about my first step experience than you know the position that i finally ended up in. This step continues to build for me on a daily basis. My first experience of hope that this just might work for me was when I saw with my own 2 eyes that my fiance completely changed right in front of me by being guided through the 12 steps. We are talking about a woman that was diagnosed schizophrenic at the age of 12, was a heavy heroin addict by the age of 13, and who’s best hope was to be locked up in a mental institution for the rest of her life. I saw this angry crazy young woman get transformed so fast by the steps that i could not deny that it truly worked. It gave me hope that just maybe the steps would work for me. I remember sitting down with my sponsor when he started guiding me through the steps and he ask me to consider whether God IS or ISN’T. I did consider it and thought to myself if god isn’t then i was screwed. So i became very willing to start believing maybe there was something bigger than myself. That became a wonderfull arch that i was to pass to freedom even though i didn’t realize it.

    Oh, and that crazy girl that went through the steps annd got better fast, the one that was diagnosed schizophrenic…..
    She is now coming off her last medication. I spoke to her the other night about her last doctor’s visit and she told me what her doctor said to her. He said that if she was to come into his office that day as a first time patient, he would not be able to diagnose her with anything. That is the power of God and the steps in her life working.

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