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    @Believe808 2324909 wrote:

    I have seen this prayer in “Prayers for the Twelve Steps, A Spiritual Journey” it is used by some Christians in 12 step programs.

    Thanks Bee, was thinking I hadnt seen it around the big book



    Darling NandM, I love you, I miss you….you wouldn’t know it but you are a part of me every day!
    And I just had a wonderful long distance conference call…3 hours…with family and mate, much of which and nearly all the importance had to do with our keen interest and sharing of our spiritual journeys, each of us on a unique path paradoxically all aimed the same! 😉
    much love to you and many hugs!
    psst I am not alcoholic but I need the spiritual (?) journey as does every human!



    Thanks for this prayer. I’m working on my second step and this really helps me – a non-religious person – to find a clearer path to my Higher Power.

Viewing 3 posts - 13 through 15 (of 16 total)

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