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Should I start my 4th step?

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    While the sponsor thing is problematic, and I strongly suggest you get one, I would rather keep working the steps. Be fully prepared to review all your work with your sponsor when you get one – all the way back to step 1.

    On your 4th step, the directions are in the big book, pages 62-72. Follow them. It is easier than it sounds.



    I have been making notes for a fourth step, but do not have a sponsor. I have a couple of emotional/mental disorders, which I’ve not been shy about discussing. One, borderline PD, seems to be what kicked me into addiction. No one in AA around here wants to hear that, so I don’t talk about it anymore. Have asked 16 women to be temporary sponsors, but none has agreed. I suppose I seem too crazy, but I’ve never been one for faking anything, except orgasm ;-).

    Rejection is the one thing that has kept my substance issues going strong. It’s almost impossible to take, though I have been taking it for several decades. It’s worn me down, yeah, but still cuts to the marrow.

    I would like to find a sponsor here, if I could. I hope that is a possibility.




    Please check out this link….they might have info on on line sponsoring.

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