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    Welcome to 12 Step National Meetings Ladyhound.

    Narcotics Anonymous offers a program that gives us freedom from active addiction. Although I agree that “something has to give,” (especially is you’re talking about using drugs) it sounds like you’re trying to reach out for help…so everything must not be so great. Once you decide what you want to do about your problem…help is available right here in NA.




    Hi Group,

    wanted to just say Hi as I just got on. I’m one of those Re-recovering from multiple issues and a full life, but my Recovery has been Renewed and there is still life after 40 and there is now and lots of , shall we say, conflicting feelings and beliefs out there and in here , and I’m just moving forward. Every day I say, Things are Great and Getting Better everyday and so far so good. they could be alot worse, right?
    Man, just think for those of you sober long term times, what it would be like now if you had kept using all them years.
    So I relapsed after a long, time and really got “normal”, and ‘average’ in some ways, functional, accomplished things, etc.
    And when I fell it wasn’t so bad or worse like they always said it would be.

    But everyone’s time is different. I remember a lady telling me in my first years that an average person in the program takes ten years to be ready for a relationship.
    I waited, 12 or 13 years before I went to another program that I had been needing from when I first got in the program;.

    I started getting high at age 11 with my mom only 14 when she had me. I didn’t stop until fifteen years later.
    My other program kicked in for the next 10 – 12 years.

    But it’s been since thanksgiving of 06 that I finally sat in a chair I earned and started again, humbled because I was hitting bottom emotionally and I could not do it alone.
    A meeting that had been on my mind 10-15 years, I finally went to it! Who knew.

    I never knew if I’d get to a meeting other than that one, as I didn’t fit in to the usual categories. But I found a second home meeting with so many older ladies who are so nice and have so much wisdom and I just love sitting through that whole meeting. I feel so Me and so normal when I come out, like everything is going to be alright because my only job is to pray to my higher power today to help me do his will, period.

    And, I’m suppose to pass it on, but also ask for help. So, thanks for listening,
    JP :thanks

    pss(just in case your interested, I have a son 20 and a finance and live in California, been in social services all my life, currently unemployed. I was at the huge AA convention at San Diego Stadium, ’94 or so, holding hands with 70,000 of us, life moving moment I’ll never forget.)
    p.s.(am I allowed to say where I have a recovery blog?)

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