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So I think I’m ready… (step 4)

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    So I think I’m ready for my meeting with my sponsor tomorrow to finish up my 4th step. The problems I had ran in to working this step were the fact that I didn’t know if I was suppose to work on past ****** things I have done, past resentments, or present things and resentments..

    So what I did was did what the BB and my sponsor told me to do by making the columns, although I didn’t have to many things put in that one I think it’s good substance. I also did what the 12 and 12 book suggests which is to ask yourself certain types of questions. So what I did with that is wrote out every question was asked in the 12&12 and answered them to make good conversation topics and Q&A for my sponsor.. The 12&12 route made me come up with a lot more substance and with answers I skipped because I thought were unapplicable to me were later answered in other questions lol…

    So if anyone has any other advice or ways to work it that I can do from now until tomorrow when I meet with him, it would be much appreciated.. Comments and criticisms are welcomed aswell. 😉



    I know when I am having a good fourth step experience (I frequently rework this one, which is just how I do it…).. I know when I must have done it right when I have an AH HA moment… certain things come in focus.

    It only works when I work it like the BB tells us to… I am resentful… It affects my…

    Awesome GreenAces… It becomes such a rich and meaningful journey for me when I get into this step.



    I don’t think anyone comes to step 4 100% ready with no hesitations. If you think you’re ready then you probably are.

    I did mine the classic, BB way. And anyone will tell you that as frightening as 4 and 5 can seem at times, when you’re done with them it’s never as bad as you thought they’d be.

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