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    My alcohol addiction has created so much strife in my life. Tired of these countless nights spent getting drunk, waking up the next day and not remembering a thing about what happened and how I got home last night. I am so blessed to have everything in my life and so appreciate of the fact that I haven’ gotten myself into some serious trouble after my reckless behavior and constant abuse of alcohol.

    I generally almost never drink on weekdays but on friday-sun, it’s like a no holes barred effort to get inebriated. I drink like a fish and constantly guzzle down alcohol without ever thinking about the consequences, about my behavior and how others view me when I’m in this state of drunkenness. It has become such a huge source of shame and embarrassment for me.

    I just hope I can stick to this path now that I have decided to quit once and for all. Not a sip, not “just 1 glass of wine” or “just 1 beer”. I’m done.. Thanks for reading. I’m so glad I found this site.

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