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    :gaah:gaahOkay so here I am…I am about to leave the system and go out into the real world. Yes I have some sobriety behind me, but to me it is not the same as sobriety in real society. So I need to start at the begining of all this. Inhave gone to a few outside meetings, but to be honest I am scared to speak. I need to understand these stepsand reading the book by myself has done me no good. Please help.



    Nancy,I was scared to speak at first ,so I just listened.It did me good.I did get a sponsor,but it took me a little while.I would suggest you look for a lady in the group to help you
    also over at
    there are quite a few downloads on the steps you can listen to that may help you get a better grasp on things for the time being

    if there are big book step study groups around,that may be a good place to go



    Its scary stuff right.?……….life in the wide screen.

    Recently i was in contact with a guy just about to leave primary care/treatment and feels the same….exactly the same……scared the bottle is gonna fall out the sky and pour itself down his throat…….very fragile and frightened.

    Try to relax………have a set of things you want to do for sustained recovery and contentment.

    I suggest……..strongly suggest these go at the top of your list.

    Connect immediately with a local AA group…you can call regional AA and ask if it possible for someone from you local group to come see you before you leave….and if possible tag a ride to the meeting..

    ASAP…….Ask someone at that group, if they will guide you through the BB and take the necessary steps to recover from alcoholism.
    Someone with experience in doing this….and someone of the same sex is preferable….

    If you get no response then try another meeting…..

    Use 12 Step National Meetings as a spring board for information and experience of the 12 steps…loads of girls on 12 step support whom would only be too happy to share there experience with you..

    Dont worry too much about talking/sharing at a meeting yet……it will come and your be able to share your experience with the current step your on..

    Oh and nancy………….welcome to 12 Step National Meetings…… are not alone.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 5 total)

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