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    AA has many strong points. However, it’s easy to think by it’s literature that alcoholism means blackouts, seizures, jails and institutions. But more current literature says that we already have a problem when it’s still fun. It’s not how much we drink, but what happens when we do.



    @stugotz 2844565 wrote:

    Whether you are living under a bridge and eat out of dumpsters or you just backed your Rolls Royce into your Learjet the pain is still the same. There is no litmus test for addiction or recovery for that matter. Only you know the truth. Just sayin…

    I agree. I live in a nice home, with a loving husband and son, drive a decent car (not a Rolls, mind you, but nice enough!)… on the surface I was a “high bottom” addict/alcoholic. But I drank/used for 12 years, and it made my life and the lives of those around me into a living hell. I am 24 and have a hell of a lot more than most 24 year olds I know. However, my life is just now becoming manageable, and is still a lot less manageable than most 24 year olds I know. More on the surface, less in the soul, that is me. But I am growing.



    it don`t matter what others believe,it is what you believe,and I believe you have accepted the fact you are definitely a potential chronic alcoholic,altho you have not reached the worst stages of alcoholism yet-and you do not have too!

    I suggest you keep going forward with the steps no matter what,and in time,you will slowly lose that control friek stuff as you grow and mature in the program.

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 40 total)

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