Sponsor says I don't believe I am an alcoholic | 12 Step Meetings and Anonymous Groups - Part 14

Sponsor says I don’t believe I am an alcoholic

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    Personally, and I know this may be unpopular, but I read the first step as “We admitted that we were powerless over ALCOHOL, and that our lives had become unmanageable.”
    This step has nothing to do with you being a control freak, acting a certain way, etc. It doesn’t have anything to do with God either. God doesn’t make an appearance until step 3 (maybe step 2, depends on the person I guess). If you’ve gone through the Doctors Opinion and the other chapters preceding “We Agnostics” and you identify with the illness of alcoholism as described therein, the behaviours, craving, mental blind spots, peculiar mental twist, the spiritual malady etc….If you really, really, really see yourself when you’re reading those pages you have worked step 1. One of the jobs AA has is to raise the bottom up. Keep it simple, use the literature, don’t read into it too much its written pretty simply. Powerless over ALCOHOL. More will be revealed later. Get to that 4th step and do it! Keep moving after that and your life will change forever. If you do the steps honestly and sincerely I promise you life will get better and the obsession to drink alcohol will be lifted. Worked for me and I’m a fairly low bottom guy. You don’t have to go down as far as some of us have. I don’t know your sponsor and I don’t know their motivations or how they work the program so I wont really comment on that. I have seen sponsors do and say some silly things in the rooms. I’d suggest picking up the AA Pamphlett “Questions and Answers on Sponsorship”. This will define the sponsors role.

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