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    Your sponsor telling you that she thinks that you don’t yet think your an alcoholic doesn’t translate into not being welcome in AA… You are welcome in AA!

    Do you trust your sponsor? Is there something to what she said? Do you believe that you are an alcoholic? It’s what keith said… it’s not how much you’ve lost… it’s whether you can stop drinking or not…

    It’s hard to build the other steps on a shaky step one… So get this one right. 🙂



    Keith, was it always that way with you?
    I would describe myself exactly the way you did.

    But after thinking about it she’s asking a really tough question.
    If I am reading the post correctly, even if she is not quite there yet, she fells she may be goiing there.

    Most people agree alcohol is progressive. Thinking back, I didn’t always go overboard when I drank and I didn’t always drink every day.

    Maryjan, I give a much credit for the awareness of your problem. I would have been in complete denial. Not so much denial of the problem-denial that I could manage it with my own will power.



    Hmmm. I drank fairly normally for a number of years, and I can’t really relate to those guys who say they knew they were alcoholic from the first drink. Mine was more like the progression described by Bill W. Booze took on ever increasing importance in my life. Looking back, I always went a little too far, got a little too far out of control, but it wasn’t obvious at the time. I doubt I would have related to the phenomenon of craving back then.

    By the time I realized that I had to stop altogether, I was way past the point of being to stop on my own power.

Viewing 3 posts - 4 through 6 (of 40 total)

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