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    fire your sponsor/early or late stage,it’s still alcoholism and I would consider a blackout unmanagability.Control or lack of it is another alcoholic trait.lack of power is our dilema.Your bottom is your bottom not your sponsor’s or anyone else’s.If you can stop in the early stages thats all the better.A desire to stop drinking is all you need for membership and after 35 day’s your not supposed to be a pro at the steps but you should be comfortable with the person who is helping you thru them.Remember that it’s a process.Sounds like your in the right place to me,so give yourself a break and enjoy the journey,If your honest,open minded and willing GOD will handle the rest!



    @Maryjan 2843796 wrote:

    I am a control freak and doing my best to accept God’s will and try not to control everything.

    That’s what jumps out at me. The second half of the first step, “that our lives had become unmanagable”, does not mix with your attitude and actions. “that our lives had become unmanagable” does not mean that our lives had become unmanagable because we are drink too much and when we stop drinking too much we are fine, Like it says on page 61 “Is he not a victim of the delusion that he can wrest satisfaction and happiness out of this world if he only manages well?” We alcoholics cannot manage this. No matter what I put in motion of my own steam my life is a crappy place to live. Until I accept that I stink at managing my own life and need help, I am still at odds with the first step.



    I give you a lot of credit for stopping drinking before it got worse. Who cares what your ‘bottom’ is, at least you had the sense to stop before something really awful happened. And whether or not you ‘believe’ you’re an alcoholic, you’re taking steps to make sure you don’t become one. That takes courage and a lot of good sense, in my opinion.:hug:

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