Sponsor says I don't believe I am an alcoholic | 12 Step Meetings and Anonymous Groups - Part 8

Sponsor says I don’t believe I am an alcoholic

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    Mary, it isnt your sponsor’s job to give their opinion. Can you control the amount once you start? and can you stay stopped on your own power for good and for all when you decide to stop for good and for all? Those are Step 1 questions. If you are convinced, then move forward. Moving backwards (and staying still) in AA is very dangerous business. If you are convinced you are an alcoholic and you are seeking out the answer to your malady, i WOULD NOT let a sponsor hold you back. That is, in my opinion, bad “sponsorship.” Keep in mind here– it’s YOUR LIFE that is on the line here and whether or not you are a High Bottom alcoholic has nothing at all to do with it. No one in Alcoholics Anonymous should be held back, How it Works says “May You Find Him Now”….not when your sponsor says you are convinced you are alcoholic. Seek the Power, and you get that by going through the Steps. If it means getting a new sponsor, then let that be the case.

    May God Bless you always and remember that you will find him in the seeking!



    Very very good thread – thank you everyone!

    for what it’s worth,
    my inclination
    is with BadCompany’s responses.




    Lush well, this is what I am wrestling with. I don’t want to be a control freak. I am trying to surrender. But that implies will, I guess. Can desire be enough? If not, do I have to wait to feel more defeated? I am not going to drink anymore…I want to live a new way, with God in charge. But my old habits are still here. What do I do?

Viewing 3 posts - 22 through 24 (of 40 total)

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