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Starting my 4th step…

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    Hey thought I share that my sponsor dropped off the NA step guide.So I started writing yesterday…Today I started my list of resentments..Boy Its long and Im not done. lol..I pretty much resent evreyone in my family..Boy Im sensitive..Im getting better though..Any suggestions Im open..thanks, Peter F.



    Last night I spoke to my sponsor about some patterns im seeing in my resentments…From when I was a little boy till now( Im 43 years old) its the same pattern Im a passive person and stuff my feeling and the end result is always the same RESENTMENT..I will continue to share my experience writing my 4th step….Clean



    Honesty and thoroughness is key. The more you can get out and go over with sponsor, the more relief you get–sooner rather than later. I was surprised to see that I had so many resentments too–some from long ago….perhaps even forgot about until I started writing. They say in NA that anything you think about is inventory material, whether people or institutions, plus your sponsor will also be able to help you. Better to write more than enough that not enough. We are as only as sick as our secrets. Resentments are indeed poison to us.

Viewing 3 posts - 4 through 6 (of 16 total)

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