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Starting my 4th step…

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    are you guys sure that you would be best served my doing your 5th step with your sponsor? what i mean, is that you are gonna dump a lot of stuff on that person, and with your sponsor you wil have an ongoing relationship. i wouldn’t want to risk holding anything back because you know you will keep seeing him, or because you care how he views you. i think i would seek out someone who has done this before, and whom i can be completely totally honest with. i’m not saying you’re going to be dishonest; it’s just might be a risk – i realize i don’t know you.

    good luck to you with it, good for you, and peace…



    i would hope that nobody has a sponsor who hasn’t done a 4th step. my sponsor has done all 12, more than once. i honestly couldn’t imagine not doing my 4th step with my sponsor. i’m sure there’s nothing in my 4th step that my sponsor hasn’t heard, and probably done.



    4th step done…..It was a great exprience….I feel renewed…….Step #5 next…Im out..Clean

Viewing 3 posts - 13 through 15 (of 16 total)

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