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    Graduated from my program yesterday. Never in a thousand years did I think I would be called an “inspiration” when graduating from a rehab facility. I was told that I made the most progress of anyone there right now, but that is because I had so far to go.

    I feel so much better today. Like a different person. I am going to be going to the YMCA today and hitting the weights. Our apartment building has a pretty limited GYM.



    Had/Having a pretty difficult Xmas. Got into an argument with a sibling of mine a few times. I’m realizing just how much some members of my family try to guilt me into things. A big lesson in giving others “power” to make you feel bad. I have to make the choice to let them guilt me or not. I am choosing not to. Certain family members of mine now consider themselves experts after going to a family session. I had to point out how I have been using the tools provided to me to get over difficult situations.

    Still making meetings daily, still staying in contact with my sponsor. Working out and being healthy. I continue to be very grateful for my sobriety. I contacted the Chicago Central AA office to ask for voulenteer and service jobs.

    I need to keep working on my powerlessness, especially over people. I cannot how other people handle there issues. I do however need to realize I can be very irritable. The pink cloud is long gone. I am having good days and bad days. I have defiantly had a few bad ones but such is life. Its not worth drinking over that is for sure.

    I believe its day 71 of mine. Not 100 percent sure.



    still doing this thing.. 76 days

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 39 total)

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