Starting my first step work | 12 Step Meetings and Anonymous Groups - Part 6

Starting my first step work

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    Reached out to a pretty young newer guy today. Up to him to call or text if he wants too. Also plan on doing a bit of service work at the detox center tomorrow.



    @SJTChiSox 2787296 wrote:

    How the hell did I miss this?


    Hey, we gave ya Probert…….the least you could do was reciprocate. 🙂

    Good job on the meetings and on the action. Making those calls, even though there may not be any huge payoff to you right now is still good in that it gets you in the habit….. cuz if you do this deal right, get recovered, and are willing to carry the message to those who still suffer…….you’ll probably be speaking to more than 2 ppl per day. 😉

    (go Scum… Actually, given the ULTRA-bandwagon start-up team/fan performances, I can’t even really dislike any other original 6 team anymore…..yanno? It’s tough to “hate” a long-term rival when there are so many “new” kids on the block in the NHL who haven’t EEEEVEN begun to pay their dues yet think they’re already hockey dynasties.



    Totally agree with you on that one. I actually do not hate the Wings like many other Hawks fans do. The worst are the bandwagon Hawks fans who hate the Wings because they think they are supposed to.

    I will readily admit that at one point the Wings fielded one of the best sports teams ever built period.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 39 total)

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