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Starting my second step

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    @SJTChiSox 2845991 wrote:

    Anyways I am getting down on my knees and praying, but to be honest it really isn’t me. I do it because my sponsor tells me too, but its just not something I see myself doing for the long term. I am a spiritual person, but the whole “on your knees” type of stuff feels very christiany to me.


    There was much heated discussion about this when writing the BB.
    It was decided to leave out praying on one’s knees pretty much for the reason you state. Too Christian; Jews do not pray on their knees.

    The way I see it your sponsor is doing what I think a good sponsor should -tell you what worked for him.

    You are doing what I think a good sponsee should do;subjugating your self-will and listening.



    Sometimes crappy meetings serve a purpose……you learn what NOT to do at meetings. Ppl who show up to talk about how a drug is a drug, or how their day at work was, or how they just go to meetings and don’t drink……etc etc etc. It’s confusing as hell to someone in their first year.

    To whom do you listen to? What’s the REAL deal here? One guy says pray, another says just go to meetings. It’s confusing when ppl don’t respect the program and feel it’s perfectly OK to share “their” message rather than the AA message.

    Stick close to your sponsor and he’ll keep you on the straight and narrow.

    It took me over a year to find one really good meeting……they’re out there……you just have to look. Try asking some of the ppl you really like where their favorite meetings are and give those a shot. My original homegroup has a lot of good ppl and not tooooo much BS….but not everyone is on the same page. I still go but I have different expectations than my Saturday meeting (which is a good one).

    Looking back, I remember hearing all those mixed messages and figured I better get that book out to find out who’s full of it and who’s really working the AA program. At least that way I knew who to listen to and who to take with a grain of salt.



    First and foremost, thank you as always for the replies. I very much appreciate it.

    I am sticking close to my sponsor. He is currently having me memorize the third step prayer along with the other stuff. I say the third step prayer everyday, but I have to sit down and commit it to memory.

    In regards to the lead that talked about cutting lines into Ketamine. The guy was a guest speaker and our lead did not know his story or how he was going to present it. The guy was actually a semi big figure in the Chicago Rave scene. I had my time in that scene as well, and I guess it was just brining back memories. That stuff is fun when you are 18 to 22, not 27.

    I do really like this meeting and will keep going. Its my sponsors home group and is mine. I was pretty upset when I wrote that last post. I do realize that its all up to me in who I listen to. I think the guy who gave that lead still has a long way to go. Its almost like he’s not ready to give it all up.

    As for the second meeting where people were talking about not wanting to go to meetings. Well they were just being pouty. I know that right now I have to go to meetings and that is all that matters.

    Led a meeting last night in my community (I am the Senior Member and will be here for a few months). The topic was “how have you changed?” and “How important is it?”. I told my story and how the two questions applied to me. I do like leading meetings. I am in a “professionals” programs filled with very very successful people. Its kinda funny that some guy in his late 20s leads a meeting full of wealthy businessmen, doctors etc.

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