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Starting on day one AGAIN!!!

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    Even though, I messed up yesterday (sunday) I am doing better. I say that cause, I admit I am powerless…which I would not have done before. I am now talking about it with my Husband and Friends admitting to them that I am powerless over Wine. It was the strangest thing yesterday I was feeling so good mentally and physically. Then all of a sudden the little voice inside of me started asking for Wine. After, I had a couple of glass’s I started to feel guilty and I poured it down the sink. So, as strange as this may sound (or maybe it isn’t) I felt GREAT inside and out so I drank WHY, to feel bad again. I also found that, DO NOT pay attention to that voice who is tempting us…like the devil isn’t it? Maybe, it is. I hope I just made sense and not babbling to much. Thanks, for listening. You all will hear a lot from me this week.



    Someone told me that we have thoughts to drink, and can at that time, before it turns into an obsession, turn away from the drink. We must have a desire to be sober, and to use the tools to stay sober, and not pick up the drink.

    Do you have these tools? Do you have a support group around you of sober people to call when the thoughts to drink come? Are you in AA? Can you go to a meeting instead of taking that drink?

    Do you have a Big Book to read? Can you pray, or come here, and appeal for help, or call someone?

    There is only one drink you have to stay away from…the first one.

    This is what I hear all of the time. It is that first drink I take after swearing off the stuff, that starts it all again…the drinking, the guilt, the declaration not to do it again…but how will I not do it again, and again, and again?

    Find some sober people to work with you face to face, and get a good foundation, program of action…to help you ensure this doesn’t have to happen again.

    Each recovery starts with one day, and today is yours.

    Happy January 24…Keep this sobriety date. 🙂
    (or some people go by the last drink date…which would be yesterday, the 23rd!)
    Best wishes to you.



    Thank you for you inspiring words. The closest AA meeting is over an hour an a half away so, I have not gone. I should have called someone or, come to this site. I am still in the learning process and gaining strength. Next time, which I’m sure their will be a next time I will do things a little differently. I need to stay away from some of our friends being they are alkies too. It’s funny about one of them. I told her I have a problem and at that time I was 5 days clean. I went on to tell my story about NOT remembering going to bed or, even speaking to her on the phone most of the time during our conversations. She hasn’t called me since, LOL!! I guess she thought I was talking about her. The only thing she said to me was I didn’t realize that you had a problem. She wouldn’t have known I was drinking because she was….she really thought I was talking about her, lol. So, NO SUPPORT THERE. The thing is I was opening up about my thoughts and admitting that I have a problem and it made me feel so good…real good like lifting 200 lbs off me. Another so called friend, I mentioned my situation to said; “Well, there goes our weekends….I guess I need new friends. The sad thing is, I was so excited and no one was backing me. My Husband is there for me. He doesn’t drink! He is turned off from drinking because of me.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 23 total)

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