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Starting on day one AGAIN!!!

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    Everyday on awakening in the morning I made a decision not to drink. Everyday I met with the realisation that I actually would drink despite my decision not to.
    Even though my ‘CHOICE’ to not drink had failed a thousand times, I still believe that tomorrow I would be successful in my choice.
    As far as alcohol is concerned I am insane, I have no mental defence against the first drink.
    Congratulations. You recognise that we can’t do this by relying on our own thoughts. Happy trails.



    “My Daughters birthday is Sunday and different friends wanted to come over and celebrate. I’ve been telling them that we are not having the BIG tado this year. Last year, I don’t remember going to bed on her birthday…that is not going to happen again. “

    What does “celebrate” mean…

    Lots of people celebrate with coffee and cake….

    There doesn’t need to be alcohol.

    I think we become so conditioned to having alcohol, to make the party better.

    It doesn’t make it better as your experience has proven.

    So, you get to set the boundaries.

    You get to make it different this year.

    Be clear and stick to it.




    Hi. I have been trying to start day one now for 3 days and have been unsuccessful. I am hoping that today is really going to be my day 1. This is really hard. I definitly agree that I am powerless when it comes to drinking. My vice is red wine. Problem is I open the bottle and cannot stop until the bottle is gone. This is a daily problem. It has to stop! I hope I have come to the right place.

Viewing 3 posts - 7 through 9 (of 23 total)

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