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    I Have found the SWG to be an invaluable piece of work. My sponsor did not suggest to me that I work from it. He did, however, suggest that I take it as a reference. It has helped me beyond words.
    In my earlier days Step 1 was about getting off and staying off dope.
    Today, it’s about that plus many other things that I am powerless over and have unmanageablity in my life.



    I like the SWG also, but I do understand that it can be overwhelming for some. I dunno about being “informed” or what that has to do with anything, but the questions in Step 1 of the SWG assist those who struggle with accepting/admitting their problem immensely. I also don’t get the concept of “getting cleaner.” For me…either I’m using or I’m not. Yet, once I comprehend the disease concept and understand that addiction goes way beyond the symptom of drug use…I can see how powerlessness and unmanageability is revealed in other areas of my life. I’ll admit, some of the questions are redundant and information never kept me clean (what I do with that information helps).

    I can’t get me clean.

    I could get clean many times on my own. I couldn’t stay clean until I found NA.



    Well here it Go’s, My History with the 12-Step for some Giving
    reason I had a hard time been Consisted, or keeping on Top of the Game,
    and really been committed to it I Guess I never was Committed to anything, or any one,
    but my Using,I been Down this Road to many times and when to meetings listen I Like
    what they had to give me which was knowledge and in site or there war Stories

    But my Pattern is the following I will go for three days and then fall of the wagon
    but when use I will just not make meetings no more or finish what I star it
    right now In Dec,5 I will make5-months clean but I do understand
    that I need to stick to my Guns or else I could really fall off

    Because until we dont do a clean Inventory of our self Behaviors we likely to fall off
    so Yeah I got to get back to this meetings and stop making excuses for it
    and get me a good Sponsor and get back to the Steps I just have issues with trust
    How do you know when you found a real true solid Sponsor
    well thats it for now but I know that this first step is true I’m and will always
    be Powerless over my Using,w_easydoes_001.gif

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