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    @ecosse 2862862 wrote:

    Am i reading this wrong, but if we are powerless over our addictions, then doesnt that signify there is no hope? Lacking power…in the moment maybe. But not overall surely?

    Hi Ecosse, welcome to 12 Step National Meetings…

    First, lets clarify what the 1st step says – It says we admitted we were powerless over our addiction…not addictions. In NA, we view addiction as a ‘3-fold’ disease and our drug use is merely a symptom of that disease. Although our disease can (and does) manifest itself in every other area of our lives, our steps focuses on recovery from our common problem.

    Yet…when we first arrive at NA, our drug problem is what we’re seeking a solution for…so it’s natural for us to conclude that the 1st Step is referring to drugs. Even our literature tells us, “Powerlessness means using drugs against our will.” If we can’t stop using, how can we tell ourselves we are in control?After we put the drugs down and progress through our program, we begin to get a deeper understanding of powerlessness.

    Many newcomers or newer members ask the same question you’ve asked, and one of the best ways I’ve found to explain what is meant by our 1st Step is to ask another question – “Have you really had enough?” An honest inventory of our using patterns, the consequences of our using, our failed attempts to control our using and the “bottom” that we’ve reached generally paints a very clear picture: we have no control and our lives are pretty screwed up.

    Recovery begins when we’ve admitted complete defeat….otherwise, we continue to try to control our addiction on our own. The admission of the 1st Step opens the door for us to recieve the help we need to recover…the hope exists because help is available. We surrender to win.




    This is my day 1, havent taken a pill since 6 pm last night, so its been 15 hrs….I was awake crying last night and made the decision, this is it..I deserve to be happy with life……without pills. I am not gonna quit cold turkey, for I am so scared of the pain..I cut all my pills in half, and I am going to wean down…although they are in my pocket, I have yet to take any…maybe just for security reasons……all I know is I have this dark secret and its killing me, in more ways than one.
    I have 2 children and a loving husband, and I cant find the will to tell my husband, for I am afraid of the consequences..I have tried to commit suicide twice before, and it is my husband, who put me back together…and if I tell him, I dont know if he will be there this tim# to put me back….
    But, I am willing to do this…I am going to do this, for I am a caring person, and deserve to have some peace …………….



    hi sister,
    I too am in my first week of recovery. I gave up five out of six pills I was taking, and held onto one because of fear of physical pain. In conversation with a friend, it was mentioned that being clean means absolutely no drugs. I have totally cut myself back, but now I need to take the final step. I am totally afraid. I have spent the past few days crying – all day (withdrawal, sadness and joy). I was also afraid to disclose, again because of fear. The first thing that a friend said to me was to get to a meeting, and so I did. I have been going to 2 meetings each day. I have surrendered, admitted I’m an addict with a will to change and NA and the fellowship is there to show me the way and support me. Good luck sister. You can do it!

Viewing 3 posts - 76 through 78 (of 82 total)

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