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STEP 10 The big book way.

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    Step 10 is basically steps 4-9 which suggests we continue to take inventory and continue to set right any mistakes as we go along.

    Whenever difficult fears or resentments crop up that i can not clear myself, i immediately step 10 it with my sponsor, it is the easiest softest way and it works.

    Step 3 prayer,
    step 4 – pen to paper rigorous honest inventory
    step 5 – we discuss them with someone immediately
    step 6 – we are asked if we are entirely ready to have god remove these defects
    step 7 – step 7 prayer
    step 8 – we may have a list of people
    step 9 – we make amends if any.

    Then we resolutely turn our thoughts to someone we can help, love and tolerance is our code.

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