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Step #10 – We Continued…

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    :c031: Ive cleared up things in my past with Steps 4-9. Step 10 is checking my progress by asking myself several questions…How am I feeling today? Why am I feeling this? What can I do to change? Which defects am I acting on? “We form a habit of looking at ourselves, our actions, attitudes and relationships on a regular basis”…”We Examine our actions during the day”…”We list what we have done”…(Step 10, page 41,42 NA Basic Text)…Its important to also list our assets…We’ve been beating ourselves up to much in our addiction so balance is important in Recovery…Step 10 is Steps 4 through 9 in the moment..or past 24 Hours etc…Some people do a daily, weekly, or monthly inventory. As long as “We Continued To Take Personal Inventory” We spot check our feelings, motives, and actions…”And When We Were Wrong Promply Admitted It”…..With Gods help we have made it this far for a reason and have some experience with Steps 1-10…Courage, Willingness, Honesty, Faith, Integrity, Humility, Openmindedness, Forgiveness, Surrender, Acceptance, Tolerance, Trust, Discernment, ands Love are some Principles we have practicing in Our Program of Recovery….Clean :c031:



    Very well done, awesome!!

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