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Step 10

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    My sponsor suggested I choose a tenth-step partner. Says it needed to be someone who has done tenth step work. Someone willing to take my calls on a daily basis to discuss my tenth step work. She explained this person can help me see if I’m making something out of nothing or failing to see my part. Someone to listen and give feedback.
    Since we cannot do this alone it’s a good opportunity to build a close or closer relationship with someone in the fellowship.

    I chose her.

    grateful for my sponsor,



    This is the Tenth Step questionnaire I wrote for my friends and sponsees a long time ago. The assignment was to either have this list handy or memorize it, then when difficulty or adversity arises, do a “spot check” inventory. This required passing through the list and paying attention to the most glaring issue on the list – addressing it, then a personal reassessment.

    If unease still persisted, pass through the list again and take the next most pressing issue and resolve it. Personally, I’ve never had to consciously pass through more than twice to maintain a perfectly clean day.


    This is my wide awake,
    Well rested, bright eyed,
    Bushy tailed so take it at night
    And have a good morning step.

    1. Have I been resentful?
    2. Have I been selfish?
    3. Have I been dishonest?
    4. Have I been afraid?
    5. Do I owe an apology / amend?
    6. Have I been setting myself up?
    7. Have I been kind and loving toward all?
    8. Is there anything I could have done better?
    9. Have I done anything that I wish I had not done?
    10. Have I left anything undone that I wish I had done?
    11. Have I been worrying about yesterday or tomorrow?
    12. Did I allow myself to become obsessed by anything?
    13. Have I been too hungry, angry, lonely, tired or serious?
    14. Do I suffer from any physical, mental or spiritual problems?
    15. Have I done anything to cause harm to myself or to another?
    16. Have I kept something to myself which should be discussed with another?
    17. What have I done to be of service to God and the people around me?
    18. Has god given me anything to be grateful for?

    Some of you current with NA literature may notice some familiarity in this. However there is one major difference, that is there are no “today”s in this list. This list was created intentionally WITHOUT the insertion of “today” in every question. Reason being is that many of the topics that showed up in our literature with the “today” by it would leave us wiggle room if it were an issue from our past, yesterday, last week, or years ago that we only now either recognize or are willing to address.

    I knew that line in the book that said “the emphasis is on today.” However how we feel today is often a result of our actions from long ago.

    So I often suggest to those interested, anywhere in NA’s Tenth Step literature that questions arise that limit the scope of the question to “today” … just black out “today” and open yourself to whatever part of your history God would have you work on … today.

    Good luck and God bless
    Los Angeles

Viewing 3 posts - 13 through 15 (of 21 total)

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