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    I believe Step 12 is about all the principles of this Steps 1-12…We have been spiritually awaken. What does that mean? Well, I feel that being awaken is…. I can “FEEL” today…The Steps awaken my emotions not deaden them. Going through the process of these Steps I will go through various emotions. So its not about suppressing my feelings its about expressing them. Step 12 for me is Service. I’m not just talking about making coffee, speaking, or chairing a meeting…That’s all good but what I’m talking about is being in the spirit of Service in this world. That can mean a whole lot more than meetings. It can mean helping an older person cross the street or maybe cleaning my neighbors front yard without him/her knowing. Or it can mean being helpful in my community. Maybe its volunteering at the soup kitchen and finally it means helping to carry the message which was given to me. So…By the time we have reached Step 12 we will know something about practicing Honesty, Willingness, Humility, Faith, Hope, Trust, Love, Acceptance, Tolerance, Modesty, Gratitude, and Sharing…etc etc etc..One thing I have learned is that I will never be perfect….So its about progress. This is my experience…Nothing more. Now the work begins…With the help of God….Thanks :bbq:Val007::c007:

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