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    Those rascals who wrote the big book hid a bunch of wonderful directions on how to work with others in the Big Book! Pages 89 to 103! Aren’t I a smart-@$$? Beats being a dumb @$$ I guess. 😎

    But seriously. There are clear cut directions in there and they rarely get talked about in meetings. I think back in the good old days, the new comer was taken and properly 12 stepped, did steps and then they got to attend the meetings. Sounds pretty hard core. But then I wonder what the content of their meetings were? Actual factual experience? Wow! No wonder they had the high recovery rate.

    I am an analytical guy and I like to take things apart and find out what makes them tick. This is why I have a hard time with God. But I’ve asked many in AA about this and I believe there are two distinct things we are looking at here;

      Pitching new comers or meeting with people who think they might have a drinking problem and if so, help them get to meetings
      Once a person is in, regardless of how long they’ve been sober, showing them how to do steps or how you did steps or doing the steps together

    So, I’ve noticed some are really good at doing both and either or. Some work really well with newcomers and some work really well with long-term sobriety.

    Have you ever seen someone who’s got a long time sober, but not a clue how to work steps? It’s hard because they think they know something and are entitled to something. They won’t move and you can’t teach them nothing. Unfortunately, some of them drink. We had one that did, after 20 years, he came back in teachable, and has been sober and on fire ever since.

    Is this crazy or what?

    Some people do a lot of service work. Some are big on the 3 legacies of AA and some just love working with new people. We used to clean ashtrays, but … that’s in the past! Coffee. My favorite person! The coffee maker. It’s a great job. G12 Step National Meetings, PI, CPC, Grapevine, archieves… it’s all about carrying the message to the alcoholic. [We used to say, come see the 5% do the 98% of the work!]And the BB isn’t shy to suggest that it takes a little insurance out on ourselves and separates us from that next drink just a little bit. Oh, and support your group! Go to the Group Consciences/Business Meetings! Is your group and/or meeting the best in town? If not, make it that way! Don’t just sit back and 8!$ch.

    Door greeter! We have a person now who’s a door greeter at a Thursday Night meeting I go to. It’s cool. Little stuff like this goes a long way.

    In my group, we’re not big on sponsorship. Unless you’re new and haven’t been through a set of steps. Then ask. Work with somebody. But I don’t have a “sponsor”. I’ve done 6 sets of steps in the last 5 years. I’ll sponsor you if you’d like. But sponsor? Why do I need a sponsor? The group is my sponsor. In any case, I’m responsible for my own sobriety and I must do steps and eat my own spiritual food. The group will know if I’m messed up or not. They’ll yank my covers, and they do!

    We go to lunch on Friday. We go somewhere that the food and service is good and we have lunch together. It’s sort of and excercise in “Practice these principles in all our affairs.” We learn to commit, to socialize, to break bread together and be grateful.

    It’s better to give than to receive. I believe this crazy paradox. Here’s your chance.



    Hi Im a recovering alcoholic of 11 years…I dont know how it works on here…but really glad I found you’s…:thanks



    Juneblues……Welcome to 12 Step National Meetings!

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