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    Yeah I surrender to that one really Quick I did Believe that a Power Greater
    than my self could restore me back to sanity, But here is were I would fall of
    the waiting process expecting miracles over night Gees what and In-sanity
    Behavior Like God was going to give me a Quick fix that’s crazy



    2. We came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.



    Coming to believe that a Power greater than myself could restore me to sanity is a process that has no set time frame. For some of us the process is simple, and it may bring immediate results. Yet, I’ve learned that I must continually rely on a Power greater than myself to help prevent me from making the same old mistakes, reverting to the same old diseased thinking, and acting out on old behaviors.

    From the start, being restored to sanity meant I didn’t have to use drugs anymore. By going to meetings and listening to members share their experience, strength and hope, I came to believe that recovery was possible for me too. Just watching other addicts stay clean was overwhelming proof that a Power greater than myself was at work.

    As I kept coming back (and coming back clean) my hope turned into faith because my life began to improve. The obsession to use had been lifted and the fog began to clear. The hugs, the love and encouragement I received from the group were also examples of a Power that helped me begin to heal. Through practicing the principle of open-mindedness, I learned that I could stop relying totally on my own thinking and I also learned to reach out – even if it was nothing more than sharing my thoughts with other addicts and listening to their input. This act, in itself, assisted my process of being restored, because through the principle of humility, I once again became teachable.

    My belief, faith and trust is now backed up by personal experience and my understanding of a Higher Power has changed since I’ve been in recovery. Although I still see this power in the program, the group and the God of my understanding, the expressions are deeper and sometimes hard to explain.
    Being restored to sanity is a life-long process, yet I’ve found that it doesn’t have to be a difficult process if I accept the fact that I have a disease that is progressive, incurable and fatal. This means working a thorough 1st Step and accepting that I can’t recover alone. Step Two won’t work without Step one.

    My insanity is not difficult to see when I get honest about the things I subjected myself to (or still experience without drugs). For me, insanity isn’t just repeating the same things, or same mistakes, over and over again. It is my expectation of a different result that exposes the root of my problem (my thinking). Whether it is a mistake or intentional, the flawed expectation (created by self-centeredness) is what always drove me away from reality.
    Coming to believe was fairly simple for me, yet restoration has more to be revealed. By continuing to rely on a Power greater than myself – the program, the fellowship and God, together – just for today I’m able to make some choices and decisions that improve my life instead of destroying it. Slowly but surely I’m being restored.

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