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Step 2-I have issues

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    Step 1, not so hard when I first said the words out loud. I am powerless, I have no control.

    Step 2 “Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves
    could restore us to sanity.”

    This is a tough one for me…I have always had issues with religion. I grew up with parents who were Jehovah’s Witnesses. You live each day so that you will end up in Paradise when you die?? So, you never really live for today, always looking at how much better things will be when you are dead. This seems backwards to me. In our house other religion was wrong and those people where going to hell for sure. So, just basically believing in a “higher power” was unacceptable. I don’t agree with organized religion, I am beginning to believe there has to be some sort of higher power somewhere. Only took me 41 years to get to that! Now the issue is giving in and praying for help…



    I am part Cherokee indian. I ‘misunderstood’ the 12 steps to equal christian secular religion early on also.

    Its not. I was told that as long as its a power greater than me other THAN alcohol or ME….
    so I chose to believe in the ‘belief’ of my sponsor. I did the ‘believe that she believed’…. she was a Buddhist….it got me thru until I found a HP that I now call my ‘Great Spirit/Creator’ and its inside me not inside a church.
    Faith got bigger and stronger and has not ever let me down since I took that leap and kept moving through the steps back in 1996.

    So glad you asked. Its important to talk it out. I don’t ‘pray’ like an organized religion person. I do reflect and speak out loud when alone to my creator and over the days/weeks/months/years…it brought me closer to trying the prayers suggested in the Big Book. It was a slow trust process and I am living proof it works.

    My first request after step two to my creator was “show me the way, place the people in my path, open my ears and heart”….

    I hope this helps.



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